Fight at Bel-Aire Motels sends one to the hospital

A fight broke out at Bel-Aire Motels around Monday, March 18th at 12:15 p.m., which resulted in a man being hit with a pole and causing a laceration to the side of his face.

Authorities are unsure of the extent of the Man injuries.

At this time, Officers are looking for a Curtis Slaughter as a suspect in this fight.

(Update) At 1:30 p.m. Springfield Police Officers were able to locate Curtis Slaughter for this battery and arrested him.




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We’re upgrading

There will be a few website adjustments and the site may be temporarily down for a few hours this weekend. 

If this happens, don’t worry because we’ll be back up and running soon.

The upgrades to the website will start tonight and is expected to be finished by Monday.

We will continue to post new things this weekend as well and our subscribers can check Facebook and Twitter.

The upgrade is expected to handle the increase in website volume as well as add new features to the website.

In addition, to keep the content free – we have several people who have contacted us about advertisement and we will soon be allowing advertising on the website.

To date we want to inform our visitors that between January 1st and today… Springfield Leaks has reached 31,000 visitors.

We look forward to bringing great content to the Citizens of Springfield, Illinois.  If any questions or comments- Please feel free to reach us by email:

Take care Springfield — Sincerely, Springfield Leaks!

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Sangamon County Circuit Court Associate Judge is Resigning

According to several confidential sources to Springfield Leaks, it has been confirmed that Associate Judge John Edward Childress is resigning. 

Judge Childress is an Indianapolis native and a receipient of the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

Judge Childress served in criminal, traffic, and custody cases. 

More to come as Springfield Leaks is working on the details!


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Ha Ha Ha… Illinois Times Reporter gets it wrong!

Illinois Times reporter, Bruce Rushton, came out with an article titled “Springfield Leaks Unmasked.”

We at Springfield Leaks are good friends with Calvin Christian and several justice seeking individuals in the Springfield, Illinois area.

Bruce Rushton why aren’t you a friend of ours? We’re on the same side looking to promote Justice!

We encourage anybody who is looking to promote Justice to reach out to Springfield Leaks and our sources will ALWAYS continue to remain confidential!

Click here to view the Illinois Times Story written by Bruce Rushton: Springfield Leaks Unmasked!

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Crime Stoppers Increases Reward For Tips Leading to the arrest of the Fake Cop

According to WMAY 970 News

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Special Prosecutor appointed in another case against State’s Attorneys Employee’s Daughter

Halei S. Brinkcken (Age 20)

Halei S. Brinkcken (Age 20)

Kyle L. Shaw (Age 19)

Kyle L. Shaw (Age 19)

In what appears to be a continuing practice of the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office to conceal the identity of courthouse employees and their family members involved in alleged criminal activity, State’s Attorney John Milhiser petitioned for a special prosecutor using the Springfield Park District police report number, thereby obscuring from searches of public records the names of defendants in embarrassing alleged criminal conduct. The customary practice had been to petition the court in the name of the defendant as this was done with Joe Aiello and three former assistant state’s attorneys.

The petition was granted earlier this month for a Special Prosecutor from the Illinois State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.

Helei Brincken, Daughter of an employee with the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office, was arrested again but this time for Illegal possession of Alcohol by a Minor – Under 21 years old (Class A misdemeanor) and for Possession of Cannabis – over 2.5 Grams and under 10 Grams (Class B misdemeanor). Click here to read about Brincken’s prior arrest for Prostitution.

The arrest was by the Springfield, Illinois Park District Police. The arrest took place on March 8th, 2013. An Officer with the Springfield Park District Police pulled over a White Ford Vehicle because the front seat passenger was not wearing a seat belt near the intersection of Bergen Street and 6th Street. The officer stated that he went to the passenger’s side of the door and spoke with Brincken’s friend, Kyle Shaw, and noticed pieces of a green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. The officer also noted that he saw a brown cigar paper burnt on one end on the front floor board of the vehicle.

In addition to Brincken and Shaw, there was a 17-year-old juvenile in the vehicle who was in the back seat. It was not disclosed to Springfield Leaks who the juvenile passenger was. The Park District Officer ordered everybody out of the vehicle and noticed green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis sitting on the back seat. While searching the vehicle the officer also searched the crack of Brincken’s seat and discovered additional green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis.

Shaw told the officer that the 17-year-old juvenile wanted to take responsibility for all of the suspected cannabis. The officer questioned how the suspected cannabis got in the front driver seat if it was the 17-year-old juveniles? Shaw advised the officer that the 17-year-old juvenile handed the suspected cannabis to him and he stuffed the suspected cannabis in the driver’s (Brincken’s) seat.

It was determined since all three of the occupants of the vehicle were in possession of the suspected cannabis, then they all would be arrested for the possession of cannabis more than 2.5 grams but not more than 10 grams. The 17 year old juvenile’s parents were contacted and advised that they need to come and pick up their child from the scene.

Possession of alcohol by a minor

KinkyWhile Brincken was under arrest and her vehicle being towed, she asked the officer to retrieve her purse from the vehicle. The officer retrieved the purse and searched the purse which revealed a small, 50 milliliter bottle of “Kinky Liqueur” vodka (Pictured to the left). The officer advised Brincken that she was being charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Brincken and Shaw were transported to the Sangamon County Jail and were released from the jail without having to post bond. Brincken and Shaw were given a notice to appear in court on May 8th, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. It is not known at this time if charges will be filed.

Springfield Leaks question’s the appointments of Special Prosecutors

Springfield Leaks sent an email to State’s Attorney John Milhiser and Assistant State’s Attorney Scott Kains to question the practice of appointing Special Prosecutor’s to conflict of interest cases. State’s Attorney Milhiser did not respond and Assistant State’s Attorney Kains stopped responding. Springfield Leaks wanted to know why it would be considered appropriate to petition the court using a Police Report number instead of the names of the defendant?

In previous cases, when the Honorable Judge John Schmidt was State’s attorney he petitioned the court for a special prosecutor in the name of the defendant as this was done with Joe Aiello and three former assistant state’s attorneys.

Springfield Leaks looks forward to a response and if one is provided, we will relay it to our readers.


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A black male wearing dark clothing, is it enough of a reason to stop and search?

The Springfield Street Crimes Unit is known to have many of these so called stop and searches.  If they see someone walking in the streets, often times they “jump-out” on the individual to question and search for weapons and drugs.  Sometimes if something is found, the members of the Springfield Police Street Crimes Unit might even attempt to turn them into a confidential informant.  We wont get into much of that now, but more will be detailed through-out these next few months. 

Were going to talk about a particular case involving a person by the name of Donnell L. Jackson, who was outside his residence on the East Side of Springfield, Illinois and was “hollering at his boy.”  The day this incident took place was December 11th, 2011. 

Members of the Springfield Police Street Crimes Unit, who were patrolling the streets of Springfield, immediately noticed a black male wearing dark clothing standing at the driver’s side door of a vehicle.  The officers pulled up along side of Jackson and asked, “is everything alright?”  Jackson responded, “I was just hollering at my boy.”  The officers went on in their police report to say, “we found it odd that he was now walking the opposite direction from his friend that had pulled in the back lot.”  By finding it “odd”, officers continued to investigate further.  Officers stated they exited their vehicle and the “black male” (Jackson) stopped.  Officers stated that Jackson had both of his hands inside the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. 

Springfield Leaks, went back and looked to see what the weather was on December 11, 2011 – the day of the arrest of Jackson.  According to the website the weather was approximately, 25 degrees – below freezing. 

Officers stated they asked Jackson to remove his hands from the pocket of the sweatshirt.  Officers made the request because the front of the sweatshirt was also hanging down as if weighted by something inside the pocket.  Officers then got closer to Jackson and asked him again to take his hands out of his pocket.  When Jackson didn’t comply, Officer Davidsmeyer and Officer Redpath grabbed his wrists in order to pull out the weapon.  Jackson responded, “it’s ok, I have a card for that.”  Jackson continued to say, “He had a card for the weapon and that he just had it for his protection.  He said there was a car that had been circling the block, so he had gotten the weapon from his house for protection.”

Attorney Daniel Noll, who’s offices recently moved to 930 East Monroe Street in Springfield Illinois, put in a request to have this case thrown out since a federal appellate court has declared that Illinois must change its law to allow qualified citizens to carry concealed firearms.  After arguing that this case should be dismissed because of the decision of the federal appellate court, Judge Leslie Graves denied the request to have this case dismissed.

 Attorney Noll has recently stated that he will put in a motion to challenge the probable cause and what right did the Springfield Police Street Crimes Unit have in order to detain and search Jackson.  Attorney Noll wants to get the gun found in the search surpressed and have this case thrown out. 

Ultimately, its about time that this “jump-out” out tactic is challenged and it would have been clear victory in Sangamon County for concealed-carry advocates if Jackson’s case was dismissed.

Jackson does have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card.  Jackson’s next court date is June 17th at 10:00 a.m., several days after the State of Illinois is required to pass a conceal carry law.

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